Best Companies for Home Refinancing

By refinancing their mortgage, homeowners may be able to reduce the cost of their monthly mortgage payments.

Homeowners can save money through refinancing by securing a lower rate (if their existing mortgage has a rate higher than current market rates) or shortening the period of their mortgage so that their house is paid off more quickly. A simple option to access your home equity without selling your house is by refinancing your mortgage.

The most important element of any of these tactics is to look around for lenders who provide the greatest deals first. (low rates and low fees). This comprehensive list of the top lenders for borrowers wishing to refinance was developed by Forbes Advisor after comparing hundreds of lenders.

The borrower’s capacity to obtain a loan, loan options, affordability, and funding speed were the four primary areas we examined. By choosing lenders that stand out in these categories, we hope to make comparison shopping for you easier.

2023’s Top Mortgage Refinance Companies

  • Overall best: Quicken Loans (Rocket Mortgage)
  • Nationwide Home Loans offers the best all-in-one service.
  • AmeriSave Mortgage provides the best customer service.
  • LenderFi is the best online lender.
  • America’s Bank is the best bank.
  • Alliant Credit Union is the top credit union.
  • is the best for fees


It’s advisable to refinance with your current mortgage lender if it can provide you with a better bargain than the other options you’ve considered. A comparison of rates from at least a few other mortgage brokers or companies is necessary before you can determine whether this is the case.

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